Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today was our first playgroup of the New Year.  I love playgroup.   Last year a friend of mine invited Zach and 4 others to join.  Basically,  you rotate houses every Thursday from Noon - 3.  When it is your turn, the only rule is you need to feed them a snack.  It worked so well I organized one for Jessica this year.  I tried to find 5 other kids entering kindergarten next year and asked them to join.  Since I am the organizer they come to my house first in the rotation, and then we go alphabetical by last name.  -  For snack they all picked an orange off of our tree in the back yard.  I also put out bowls of goldfish and carmel corn.  These six kids are so cute and play so well together!  Plus they have automatic friends in the neighborhood and maybe even their class in school next year.  However,  there are several good school choices in the area so maybe not. Now, for the next 5 weeks I have 3 hours on Thursday to run errands - clean, read, or - if I am really organized attend the temple. Jessica gets a great play date, and comes home tired.  Love it! 

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