Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Party

Bet you have never seen that many people on your own couch at home.
This was our family holiday / birthday for several cousins party.

Look, the five oldest cousins - in order except for Brittany, who should be on the other side of Adam for it to be perfect.  -It goes Brittany, McKenna, Morgan, Vanessa, Adam.

I stole this idea from my neighbor.  We had a a Gingerbread house decorating contest.  Well, not a whole contest, just a fun time decorating really.  I found a kit with 5 tiny houses and they kiddos had a blast putting them together and adding decorations.

Go Gracie - and Seth in the corner didn't really decorate as much as he grabbed candy and ate it.  He was rewarded with a belly ache.

Love the Card's jerseys on dad and son in this one.  Hope they do well in the play offs this year!

Christopher - how cute are you?

Chad and Carter, playing the DS games together.  Fun!

More Gingerbread mess.  It was a blast!  My house was crowded but happy for this party.  I love having everyone together.  We were only missing 2 sick ones.  Sarah and Sam.  bummer.

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  1. Mindy, we are so bummed we missed you too! It's kind of all a blurr to be honest with you. So glad you started a blog! Now I'll really get to know your kiddos!