Friday, January 15, 2010

Growing up!

I cannot believe how fast kids grow up...  Brittany is soon to be eleven.  She has several friends she likes to play with in the neighborhood.  I enjoy them all.  Today she asked to go to one of their houses and I just wanted her home.  I told her no, I wanted her home for a while.  I missed her yesterday while I let her stay at a friends until 7:15.   She gets the pouty look in her eyes and asked , WHY?   So I say what I always say, because I said so.  When what I really want to say is - slow down!  Don't grow up too fast!  I want to hold onto your innocence and youth a little longer.  Please just be here in the house, so I can feel you near.    - There is a reason I work from home.  I like being around the kids.  Even if I am not engaging them every second. 

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