Monday, February 1, 2010

Junk Cars

Last night we had an impromptu meeting at my parents house.  My sister and her family went over and our family joined them at the last minute to eat dinner and move the piano for mom.   While eating we started discussing how in highschool you need a totally junky car, that can be recongnized by the whole school.  We talked about our huge 12 passenger van.  We had the van so long that it eventually just burst into flames.  Literally, just burned up.  - A serious car-B-Q.   However, the car stories that really got us laughing were about THE BEAST.   It was a 1970 Buick SkyLark.  The ceiling was held up (barely) by a screw driver.  The lock on the driver side was actually gone.  You could reach for finger in the hole to unlock the car.  - Not even sure why we bothered locking it up.   Once, when my Dad was coming home from work the transmission was broken.  He had to drive home backwards.  The entire way!  At one point he remembers sitting backwards at a light.  When the light turned green he proceeded through the intersection while the other drivers gawked in amazement.  - We were all laughing so hard that he didn't just call a tow truck or call Mom to come and get him.  He was worried if he left the car at work it would be stolen.  Which made us all laugh harder...  Just think of it.  The theif unlocks the door (no problem) without a key.   Then gets into the car and hot wire's it - to find out it will not move forward.   I wonder if then the hypothetical theif would drive backwards to his destination.  That would almost be worth seeing the car chase on the news. - Anyway, it is good to have a very old distinctive car in highschool.  It helps keep you humble and popular all at the same time.