Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Day Fun!

The neighborhood girls were over - and even though I am at the counter in the pictures, I am actually working my shift.  I took a moment to stir the soup I was cooking for dinner.  The girls were making cookies (on their own).  It was a lesson in letting go for me.  They ended up using the whole wheat flour instead of the white.  Needless to say, the girls thought they were kinda gross.  Except they still managed to eat a massive amount of dow.  They never did cook these - Brian ended up cooking them later that night. In this picture you see McKensie Harrison and Lexie Taylor.

While the kids played with friends all day, Brian took his little shadow and went to see the puddles that the rain made in AZ.  It rained for 3 days straight.  That just never happens here.   He got all the way up to Canyon Lake and was a little dissappointed there were no water falls to see. 

There were ducks and birds everywhere.  I hope they realize that the water in our catch basins (the dip in the landscape with grass and trees)  will not have fish.  Nor will it stay very long. 

More fun!

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  1. Wanna move up here and be Cannon's teacher? We have plenty of water and fish too! Waterfalls? Just 15 minutes away! Plus, we are here. What more could you ever want? Ha Ha.