Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last week, Brian and I had a few days off work together and decided to go sledding with the kids. 

We borrowed sleds and snow gear and headed up to Flagstaff for our one day adventure. As it turned out, it snowed the whole time we were driving up, sledding, and driving home.  The only time this mattered was driving home at 20 miles per hour down the hill.  However, it was worth it!

Zach was in heaven.  If we had only had boots, I doubt he would have wanted to ever stop.  Shortly after this picture, his shoe came off and would not go back on.   Brian pulled him in the sled to the car, where he cried for a while because his feet were soooo cold.  Probably, he was hungry and he needed the little boys room.  - Basically, he had hit a wall. Still so worth it!

Jessica decided to take me on a ride.  It was fun - but I don't remember it being that far down to get into the sled last time we went.   I also don't remember being the worried mom.  The whole time I kept thinking about what could go wrong, instead of just enjoying the ride.  I guess that means I am offically a parent.  Where the worry and the fun have to be in constant battle.

Brian does not seem to  have my sense of worry.  He is a little more care free in life.  I could not do things like this without him.  He did all the hard work.  Like, driving the whole way up and home. Pulling kids back up the hill  (I could only get myself up - my shoes were without any tred at all). 
Look at this Cheez!  So cute!

Once Zach learned how to go fast, this was his position of choice.  Plus - less likely to crash and burn, so it was my favorite too.

Of course, gotta love the huge snowman at the end of the day!  When did Brittany grow up!  She looks so sweet in all her snow gear.

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  1. O.K. reading your blog makes me miss you that much more! Brittany is really growning up. Cute pictures!